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Multi-stage set of measures

In order to minimize the risk of contagion with SARS-CoV-2 as much as possible, PTB is working with a multi-stage set of measures involving three operational statuses. For PTB Braunschweig and for PTB Berlin the “flexible operational status” has been decided upon – both of which will remain in force until further notice.

Bessere Qualitätsinfrastruktur in Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern

Vereinbarung von BMZ und PTB: Das Volumen für den Aufbau von Qualitätsinfrastruktur in Kooperationsländern der deutschen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit soll zukünftig jährlich mindestens 15 Millionen Euro betragen.

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Successful quantum research at LUH and PTB: Large-scale project is being renewed

Collaborative Research Center DQ-mat to receive a total of approximately 9.2 million euros for quantum physics fundamental research

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Mögliches Referenzmessverfahren für die Analyse auf SARS-CoV-2

Digitale Tröpfchen-PCR aus der PTB hat das Potenzial zur Referenzmethode für die Qualitätsüberwachung medizinischer Analyselabore.

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Die EKG-Datenbank aus der PTB

Großer maschinenlesbarer EKG-Datensatz für Entwicklung und Test maschineller Lernverfahren veröffentlicht

(Gemeinsame Pressemitteilung des Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Instituts (HHI) und der PTB) PTB-XL ist der bisher größte öffentlich zugängliche EKG-Datensatz mit mehr als 20000 Aufnahmen

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PTBnews 1.2020

PTBnews 1.2020

Three times a year, PTB News provides topical information from the varied spectrum of activities of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) consisting of fundamental research, legal metrology and PTB's various activities in the service of the economy.
maßstäbe 13 (in German only)

maßstäbe 13 (in German only)

This issue of maßstäbe ("Alltag in Maßen" - "Everyday Measurements") invites you to a journey which starts in our body and does not end in all sorts of networks.
PTB-Mitteilungen 4.2017

PTB-Mitteilungen 4.2017

Issue 4: Metrology for the Digitalization of the Economy and Society
After nearly 130 years of service, the international prototype of the kilogram is expected to be retired in the fall of 2018 (at the General Conference on Weights and Measures). The Avogadro experiment, which aims to determine the number of atoms contained in a near-perfect silicon sphere, is a cornerstone of the redefinition of the kilogram.

Titelseite JB 2017

The Annual Report is published every spring and reports on PTB's work in the past year. The full version is to be found here on the Internet; excerpts from it are also available as a printed brochure.

PTB entwickelt innovative Messtechnik für zukünftige Gleichstrom-Niederspannungsnetze [ more ]

X-ray scattering measurements for highly efficient perovskite solar cells [ more ]

PTB supplies primary electrical quantum standards for the BIPM [ more ]

Detection thresholds of infrasound complex tones [ more ]

Neues Forschungsprojekt zur Zündung von explosionsfähigen Gemischen durch HF-Strahlung [ more ]

Inverted plasmonic lens design for nanometrology applications [ more ]

New forecast method for wind power and aviation safety [ more ]

Modular nonlinear hybrid plasmonic circuit [ more ]

Traceability for novel 1.35 mm connector [ more ]

Internationaler Vergleich zur Bestimmung der Aktivität und der Halbwertszeit von Protactinium-231 [ more ]

PTB - The National Metrology Institute of Germany

PTB's profile of tasks

In Braunschweig and Berlin, time comes from atomic clocks, lengths are measured far into the nano-world, scientists do research on fundamental questions concerning the physical units, and the employees in the laboratories calibrate measuring instruments, meeting the most demanding requirements. Therefore, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt is among the top names in metrology worldwide. As Germany's national metrology institute, PTB is Germany's highest authority when it comes to correct and reliable measurements. It is the supreme technical authority of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and employs a total of approx. 1900 staff members. PTB operates an integrated Opens internal link in current windowquality management system which covers the four interlinked field of business. (Initiates file downloadSelf-Declaration on quality management).

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The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the National Metrology Institute of Germany, is a scientific and technical higher federal authority falling within the competence of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.