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Welcome to the German Calibration Service! We are a forum of the PTB with the aim to support the uniformity in metrology. The DKD provides a platform for the professional exchange of its members, which include more than 400 laboratories and companies.


As agreed with the German Accreditation Service (DAkkS) and with effect from  1. September 2018, the DKD had published all DAkkS-DKD guidelines an DAkkS-DKD guides  unchanged as regards content but with a new layout - as DKD guidelines and DKD guides.

Meanwhile, the DKD has published revised versions of some of these guidelines and guides. The previously valid versions of these documents will be...

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Wie mit der DAkkS vereinbart, hat der DKD alle DAkkS-DKD-Richtlinien und DAkkS-DKD-Leitfäden inhaltlich unverändert im neuem Layout zum 01.09.2018 als DKD-Richtlinien und DKD-Leitfäden herausgegeben.

Inzwischen hat der DKD einen Teil dieser Richtlinien und Leitfäden in einer überarbeiteten Fassung veröffentlicht. Die vorher gültige Fassung dieser Dokumente wird nach einer Übergangsfrist von zwei...

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In June 2020, ILAC and ISO decided to extend the deadline for the transition to the new version of ISO/IEC 17025 to 1 June 2021 [1]. This decision was taken in order to help accredited laboratories to adapt their working procedures to the new version of ISO/IEC 17025 despite the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

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