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Subject Areas in Metrology

Organizationally, PTB is subdivided into divisions, departments and working groups. In addition, it is subdivided into "subject areas" which cover special fields of work. They encompass the whole spectrum of PTB, i.e. sovereign tasks and services as well as research and development. The subdivision into subject areas orients itself on the internationally agreed scheme which is also reflected in the structures of the Meter Convention, i.e. the Comités Consultatifs of the CIPM, or in the Technical Committees of EURAMET e. V.

The four complementary specialized topics – "Metrology for Medicine", "Mathematics and Information Technology", "Physical Safety Engineering and Explosion Protection" and "Nanometrology" – take account of additional fields of work of PTB which are not reflected in the scheme mentioned.

The subdivision into subject areas serves to place the focus on special subjects and to allocate funds correspondingly, and also to promote inter-departmental work.


PTB's subject areas

Subject area 1: Acoustics, ultrasound, acceleration

Subject area2: Fluid flow

Subject area 3: Electricity and magnetism

Subject area 4: Ionizing radiation

Subject area 5: Length, dimensional metrology

Subject area 6: Mass and derived quantities

Subject area 7: Metrology in chemistry and properties of substances

Subject area 8: Metrology for medicine

Subject area 9: Photometry and radiometry

Subject area 10: Thermometry

Subject area 11: Time and frequency

Subject area 12: Mathematics and metrological information technology

Subject area 13: Physical safety engineering and explosion protection

Subject area14: Opens internal link in current windowNanometrology