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Competence Center VirtMet

Already existing examples at PTB for virtual measuring instruments are, among others, the Opens internal link in current windowTilted-Wave Interferometer (TWI) or the  Opens internal link in current windowVirtuelle Koordinatenmessgerät (VCMM).

In a national workshop Opens internal link in current windowMetrology for Virtual Measuring Instruments organized by PTB in March 2018, the following overriding questions and cross-sectional tasks were identified for these and other application examples:

  1. How to ensure trust in simulation results?
  2. How can virtual and real measurements be compared?
  3. What standards are required for interfaces, metadata and data formats?
  4. How can virtual experiments for complex measurement systems with large amounts of data be handled using machine learning methods?

PTB's treatment of these issues requires continuous and intensive interdisciplinary cooperation. For this reason, the PTB Competence Center "Metrology for Virtual Measuring Instruments" was established, in which the existing expertise is bundled and the interdisciplinary exchange is continuously promoted. The centre is coordinated and supported by the working group PSt1 Coordination Digitalization in order to realise a possible linkage of the developments in VirtMet with other PTB projects in the field of digititalization. In addition, the competence center will further strengthen the exchange and cooperation with external partners in this area with regular workshops. 

Based on concrete working points, the higher-level questions will be dealt with in cross-departmental projects. By embedding the projects in the competence centre, there will be an intensive and regular exchange between all participants in order to exploit synergy effects and pursue a joint strategy.

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