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Presidential Board

PTB'€™s policy is managed from Braunschweig -€“ here is where the Presidential Board resides. The President, Vice-President and Members of the Presidential Board are assisted by the Opens internal link in current windowPresidential Staff Office, which at the same time acts as central point of contact.

President: Prof. Dr. Joachim Hermann Ullrich

Angelika Dreier
Phone: 0531/592-10 01
Telefax: 0531/592-10 05
e-mail: Angelika Dreier

Vice-President: Hon.-Prof. Dr. Roman Schwartz

Haide Hormann
Phone: 0531/592-20 01
Telefax: 0531/592-20 02
e-mail: Haide Hormann

Member of the Presidential Board: Dr. Jörn Stenger

Kerstin Royss
Phone: 0531/592-30 01
Telefax: 0531/592-30 02
e-mail: Kerstin Royss