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Brochures on the International System of Units (SI)

The seven base units of the International System of Units (SI) form the basis of almost all of PTB's work. If you would like to know more about the SI or the units, please take a look at our extensive selection of free brochures and journals on this subject. 

The Legal Units in Germany

This brochure is being revised at  the moment and will be available again at the end of 2019.

    PTB Info Sheet "The new SI"

    PTB Info Sheet, 6 pages, 2017.

    The idea - The experiments - Trouble with the kilogram - The event - The news SI at school - the news SI in science - The new SI in technology - The new SI in public life

    You can order the Info sheet free of charge at PTB (address: on the right) or you can download it as a pdf file. 

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    Experimente für das neue Internationale Einheitensystem (SI)

    (in German only, English issue will follow)

    PTB-Mitteilungen 2/2016, 116 Seiten, 2016.

    In ihrem eigenen Fachjournal, den PTB-Mitteilungen, beschreiben Wissenschaftler der PTB die entscheidenden Experimente und den generellen Forschungsstand zum neuen Internationalen Einheitensystem.

    Brochure "Das Internationale Einheitensystem (SI)" (in German only)

    Das Internationale Einheitensystem (SI) (in German only)

    German version of the BIPM "SI Brochure". 8. edition, Special edition of PTB-Mitteilungen, 2007

    At the moment, this German (printed) version is not available.

    The original English version can be found on the Opens external link in new windowBIPM webpages.

    Das System der Einheiten

    History, definition and realization of the seven base units (published as a special edition from the PTB-Mitteilungen) 102 pages, 2012

    The printed edition is not available any more.

    maßstäbe Heft 1: Dimensionen der Einheiten (2001, 56 Seiten)

    Die Print-Ausgabe ist leider vergriffen

    Namensgeber physikalischer Einheiten

    Erschienen als Heft 2.2017 der PTB-Mitteilungen, 88 Seiten, 2017.
    Sie können das Heft hier direkt als pdf herunterladen.

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