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Family and work

PTB has set itself the goal of making working hours, workflows, managerial behavior, communication and staff development as family-friendly as possible. The idea of work and family life being compatible is incorporated into many measures – from the possibility of working part-time and doing telework, to the boss being a role model. We want to give concrete support to parents in their daily life with the following measures.

Successful Audit as a Family-friendly Employer

After an extensive audit, PTB was officially certified as a family-friendly employer in May 2015. The "work and family audit" ("audit berufundfamilie") was developed on the initiative of and also on behalf of the Non-profit Hertie Foundation (Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung). This audit is a management instrument for the promotion of family-friendly personnel policies in companies and institutions. The Federal Minister of Family Affairs and the Federal Minister of Economics jointly hold the patronage of this tool. We have summarized PTB's Opens internal link in current windowexisting and planned measures for you here.


Das Familienservicebüro bietet den Beschäftigten ein individuelles Beratungs- und Dienstleistungsangebot zum Themenschwerpunkt Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie. Neben individuellen Unterstützungsangeboten rund um Elternschaft und Kinderbetreuung wird auch ein besonderes Augenmerk auf die Situation pflegender Angehöriger gelegt. Das Beratungsspektrum umfasst hierbei sowohl die PTB-eigenen Angebote als auch weiterführende Informationen und Kontakte zu hilfreichen Einrichtungen.

Day care facility "Die kleinen Murmeltiere" (The Little Marmots)

The day care facility on PTB's campus in Braunschweig has space for looking after 40 children from the age of eight months to those who are ready to start school. The charity "Johanniter-Unfallhilfe e. V." supports the day care facility. From registration to collecting the parents' fees, all the administrative tasks are undertaken by one body.

The cost of childcare is based on the payment rates which apply in the City of Braunschweig and depends on the level of income. Childcare is available for a whole working day of eight hours. In addition there are costs for lunch, which the group eats together. If you need childcare at PTB or are interested in this facility, please contact the Equal Opportunity Representative as soon as possible.

Taking your child to work (rooming-in)

The possibility of taking your child to work (rooming-in) has been introduced to PTB. This allows parents to take their children – from a baby up to a school-age child – to the office with them for one day (maximum three days) if the usual childcare arrangements are not available for some reason. Parent-child boxes with toys suitable for children of your child's age are available for loan and can be taken to your workplace. Please discuss this with your superior before the childcare issue becomes acute, and have the form on the exclusion of liability (Haftungsausschluss) signed (this document is in German and can be found at: Intranet/Gleichstellungsbeauftragte/Rooming-In). The exclusion of liability applies both for taking your child to work (rooming-in) and for the parent-child offices.

Parent-child offices

If your workplace is not a suitable place for looking after children, then separate offices are available both in Braunschweig and in Berlin. These are equipped with a computer for you to work at, as well as with an area for your child to play. The parent-child office in Braunschweig is close to the childcare facility, so it is also possible for your child to use the playground there. 

Quiet room or baby changing/nursing rooms

If you suddenly feel very ill, you can go and rest in one of our quiet rooms. They are also available to parents who want to change their baby's diaper or for nursing purposes. More detailed information on where these rooms are located can be found at Intranet/Gleichstellungsbeauftragte/Ruheräume (in German). 

Cooperation with the day care facility the "Krümelkiste"

The "Krümelkiste e. V." is located on the premises of the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut (TI) not far from PTB. It was founded in 1998 by staff of PTB and the TI (formerly the FAL), but is now open to all children. This day care facility has full-time places for children of nursery and kindergarten age within a family-like group. It also offers holiday childcare programs for school children (6-12 years). For further information, see: Opens external link in new windowwww.kruemelkiste-braunschweig.de, phone +49(0)531 596-1288.