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Division 2

In Division 2, the world of metrology rotates around the "electrical triangle" of volt, ohm and ampere - from high-frequency and energy measuring technology to quantum electronics.


Electrical quantities are ubiquitous in metrology. The Electricity Division is charged with the realization and dissemination of the electrical and magnetic units. To this end, the Electricity Division develops precision electromagnetic measurements, which are based on electrical quantum metrology and quantum standards nowadays. Nanotechnology is employed and advanced for the in-house fabrication of superconductor and semiconductor quantum standards. Fundamental studies of quantum effects in condensed matter lay the groundwork for the electrical metrology of the future.

The Electricity Division offers various calibration services (see Calibration and Measurement Capabilities) and advises governmental authorities, standardization organizations, and industry on electrical measurements. Knowledge transfer programs support innovation and economic growth.


Quantum dots are used in semiconductor quantum technology. They allow to localize and control single electrons in semiconductor devices. Many applications require a fast initialization of a certain quantum state of the electrons. For this purpose, a new technique based on control of tunnelling rates has been developed at PTB.

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On March 20 and 21, 2019, the workshop "Ultrastable Low-Noise Current Amplifier (ULCA) in Laboratory Practice" was held at PTB. The ULCA is a commercially available instrument, developed by PTB, that enables the measurement and generation of small currents with the highest accuracy.

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Im Frequenzbereich zwischen 80 GHz und 110 GHz wurde erstmals ein Messvergleich zwischen der leitungsgebundenen Hochfrequenzleistungsmessung im Rechteckhohlleiter einerseits und der Leistungsmessung eines gaußverteilten Freistrahls andererseits durchgeführt. Dabei wurde basierend auf den Messunsicherheiten der jeweiligen Leistungsdetektion unter Berücksichtigung der Transmissionsunsicherheit des...

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