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Conformity Assessment Body

Competent conformity assessment services for manufacturers as a basis for the access to the national, european or international market


PTB's certification body performs conformity assessments within the scope of different certification schemes. On 01-10-2008, the certification body was established by a fusion of the previous 3 certification bodies (a certification body for explosion protection, a certification body for non-automatic weighing instruments and a certification body for measuring instruments) as a horizontal unit which covers all departments of PTB in which product tests, on which the conformity assessments are based, are performed.

Service offer

The service offer of the certification body comprises conformity assessments in accordance with the following certification schemes:

  • Conformity assessments (in the first instance type examinations and quality system approvals) as Notified Body No. 0102 according to European directives of the New Approach

    • 2014/32/EU (measuring instruments)
    • 2014/31/EU (non-automatic weighing instruments)
    • 2014/34/EU (explosion protection)
    • 2006/42/EC (Machinery - Portable cartridge-operated fixing and other impact machinery)

  • Conformity assessments within the scope of the IECEx systems in accordance with the IECEx rules
  • Type examinations of measuring instruments within the scope of the OIML certification system acc. to OIML B18
  • Conformity assessments within the scope of German act concerning the placement and provision of measuring instruments on the market, their use and verification, and also on prepackages (Weights and Measures Act)
  • Voluntary type examinations of measuring instruments and components of measuring instruments in accordance with accepted rules of technology
  • National type approvals for powder-actuated fixing tools, alarm weapons, other shooting tools notifications according to the German Proof Testing Act (BeschG - Sections 7,8 and 9) and in accordance with international rules an regulations
  • Approval of X-ray sources in accordance with the Radiation Protection Act
  • National type approvals for lock braking systems for weapons of inheritance and notifications according to Weapon Act.

Within the scope of these certification schemes, PTB issues every year more than 1200 certificates according to approx. 30 different types of certification. For the performance of the conformity assessment procedures, more than 100 listed assessors and certifiers in the departments of PTB are at the disposal of the certification body. These are supplemented by approx. 40 internal and external auditors or technical experts who are employed order-related for the recognition and supervision of the quality management systems of manufacturers.


As to the organization, the certification body is subdivided into 5 sectors:

In a certification committee, the conformity assessment activities are coordinated and basic decisions are agreed upon.

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Quality system

The certification body operates a quality system which - as an integral part of the quality system of PTB - meets the requirements for certification bodies for products, processes and services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065. PTB thus meets - in connection with the compliance of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 by the Divisions in which the product tests are performed on which the conformity assessments are based - the requirements of the European Union for Notified Bodies.