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You are employed at a company at which you work with measurement technology? Here you will find current news which may be of interest to you as well as a guide through PTB. 


Ob Kalibrierungen, Konformitätsbewertungen oder metrologische Prüfungen und Untersuchungen – viele Dienstleistungen der Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) werden ab Oktober diesen Jahres privatrechtlich abgerechnet und nicht mehr, wie bisher, über Gebührenverordnungen. Weitere Informationen zu den neuen Entgelten, der Preisliste, den Übergangsregelungen sowie den neuen Geschäftsbedingungen finden Kunden im PTB-Internet unter "Opens internal link in current windowGebühren und sonstige Entgelte".  

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Aus einem Autoauspuff kommt Abgas.

Improved air quality in city centers and climate protection – counting soot particles is to become an integral part of the exhaust examination of diesel cars within the scope of mandatory vehicle inspections in Germany (HU/AU). This novel task requires an entirely new type of measuring instruments that must first be developed and type-approved in order to be installed in vehicle workshops. To ensure uniform instrument quality, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) has drawn up metrological requirements for the required type certification of such particle counters in cooperation with the bodies concerned; these requirements were published last week. Manufacturers of such exhaust particle counters can now retrofit their instrument prototypes to meet the PTB requirements. Workshop owners offering mandatory, bi-annual vehicle emission tests (AU) can ensure that they are equipped with such instruments before 1 January 2023 – the...

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To have a measuring instrument calibrated

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In the chapter Opens internal link in current windowMetrological Services (which at this point we would like to recommend to you in general) you will find an overview of the Opens internal link in current windowPTB's Calibration and Measurement Capabilities. Furthermore, each division offers its own measurement and calibration capabilities as a pdf file in each case for downloading – to be found via the respective homepage of the Opens internal link in current windowDivisions.

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PTB has issued a great number of publications surrounding the topic (precision) measurements, for example Test Rules, PTB Requirements, among other things. You will find these at Opens internal link in current windowScientific & technical publications.

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Do you want to see whether there are PTB inventions that could possibly be commercially exploited in your company? If so, then have a look at Opens internal link in current windowInnovations and Technology Transfer. You will also find current technology offers in the current issue of Opens internal link in current windowPTB-News

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Are there goods you may want to offer PTB? Then take a look at the current current invitations to tender of PTB's Procurement Office!