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Temperature and Synchrotron Radiation

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Highest accuracy and reliability of the realisation, maintenance and dissemination of units of radiation physics and thermodynamics, especially of the quantities spectral power of electromagnetic radiation, temperature, heat, pressure in vacuum. Development of new methods and techniques even in extreme areas, Advisory service and development of measuring systems for new metrological challenges


Solar Orbiter is a spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA) which is intended to orbit the Sun for seven years and to provide scientific insights into solar and heliospheric physics. This mission is scheduled to start in October 2018. Its main objective is to observe the so-called space weather, i.e. processes taking place in the solar corona which, due to particle radiation (the "solar...

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PTB has been developing highly sensitive SQUID-based (Superconducting QUantum Interference Device) current sensors for a range of precision measurement applications. Recently, PTB's SQUID current sensors in combination with superconducting microcalorimeters have been used successfully to characterize novel single-photon emitters and microlasers for quantum optics.



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