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What PTB offers doctoral candidates

Through their work, doctoral candidates contribute vitally to metrological progress and thus also to PTB's success. PTB has adapted itself to the specific requirements and demands of the training of young scientists and has developed a support program which seizes on current developments and can compete with university standards. Thus each doctoral candidate will have a mentor to lend him/her support and who will, e.g. regularly work together with him/her in a laboratory. Experienced scientists not only pass on to him/her their professional experience as doctoral supervisors, but also introduce him/her to the rules of scientific work. A core curriculum, colloquia and technical seminars complete the program.

The number of doctoral candidates at PTB has increased steadily in the last few years (2012: 125). PTB has set itself the goal of giving these staff members optimum support. The support program envisages the use of mentors as well as promoting the attendance to technical seminars, and also the offer of a core curriculum. More details on the comprehensive support program you will find here.

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The Graduate School B-IGSM wants to provide assistance and well-directed support to doctoral candidates who conduct research in subjects related to metrology and measurement accuracy, while they write their doctoral thesis. Scientists from PTB and TU Braunschweig jointly supervise the doctoral program and impart metrological concepts and principles in courses and lectures.

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Previous doctoral theses

Here you will find a selection of the doctoral theses written in the past years at PTB.