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maßstäbe 13

How big, how wide, how heavy? Measuring everything that is measurable – and doing this as accurately as possible – that is what PTB does. Writing about this in an informative and exciting way – that's what the magazine "maßstäbe" does. It is PTB's popular-science magazine. "maßstäbe" is written exclusively by science journalists and is published about once a year. It is aimed at school children and students, but of course also at all other interested readers. Each edition of "maßstäbe" is dedicated to a main topic from the world of metrology, the art of measuring. A wide palette of journalistic styles (reports, features, narratives, commentaries...) reflects the diversity with which the topic of "measuring" appears in science and in everyday life. As the maßstäbe are in German only, the following content of this web page is in German, too.

Volume 13: Alltag in Maßen

This issue of maßstäbe ("Alltag in Maßen" - "Everyday Measurements") invites you to a journey which starts in our body and does not end in all sorts of networks. - Available in German only.

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