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Ionizing Radiation

Division 6

Almost everything dealt with at Division 6 centres on the nucleus, for here radioactivity, dosimetry and metrology of alpha, beta, gamma, X and neutron radiation are concerned - from radiation therapy in medicine to the measurement of radioactivity in the environment.


The Division is concerned with the metrology of ionizing radiation. Important tasks cover measuring techniques for the detection of ionizing radiation, dosimetry for radiotherapy, radiodiagnostics and radiation protection, radiation measurements in the environment, activity measurements and the determination of atomic and nuclear data. The units of activity, fluence rate, air kerma, absorbed dose and dose equivalent are realized and disseminated via calibrations. The Division thus ensures the uniformity of measurements in the field of ionizing radiation.

Legal tasks are based on the Units and Time Act, the Verification Act, the Medical Products Act, the Radiology and the Radiation Protection Ordinance and the Radiation Protection Preventive Act. Activity standards for about 50 radionuclides are produced and made available. The Division performs type testing of X-ray equipment, X-ray tube assemblies, parasitic X-ray emitters, area and personal dosemeters, and dosemeters for radiodiagnostics. In addition, the Division deals with fundamental research work in the fields of radioactivity, dosimetry and metrology of alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray and neutron radiation.

6 Abteilungsbericht aus dem Jahresbericht 2019

3D Darstellung der Ortsdosisleisung eines technischen Röntgenstrahlers gemessen am Röntgenstrahlermessplatz der PTB.

Der Initiates file downloadAbteilungsbericht gibt einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Nachrichten und Ereignisse der Abteilung „Ionisierende Strahlung“ des letzten Jahres und ergänzt somit den Opens internal link in current windowJahresbericht-2019 der PTB.


For decades, the irradiation facility for beta radiation, the Beta Secondary Standard BSS 2 developed at PTB, has been in worldwide use to irradiate dosemeters, detectors and other devices with calibrated beta sources. In this work two energy-reduced radiation fields based on the 90Sr/90Y source are described. The fields with beta mean energies around 0.5 MeV and 0.6 MeV fill the gap between...

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Several correction factors for primary beta dosimetry in radiation protection have been re‑determined by means of measurements and simulations for primary extrapolation ionization chambers. The data are ready for adoption in the international standard series ISO 6980 for beta reference radiation fields.

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Examinations by means of computed tomography (CT) are responsible for about 65 % of artificial radiation exposure in Germany. The aim of personalized CT dosimetry is to individually measure the radiation dose transferred to a particular patient by the radiation field of the CT scanner. High‑precision Monte Carlo (MC) computer simulations are of utmost importance for achieving new developments in...

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