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External use of PTB's large devices

PTB offers external scientists to use some of her large scientific devices - for example PTB's  PIAF accelerator facility in Braunschweig or PTB's Core Facility ''Metrologie of Ultra-Low Magnetic Fields'' in Berlin.


Accelerator facility PIAF

The EU funds research projects in various fields in which neutron- and ion-induced nuclear reactions play a role:

  • Nuclear data for energy production and other applications (Opens external link in new windowARIEL)
  • Nuclear data for nuclear astrophysics (Opens external link in new windowChETEC-INFRA)
  • Radiation-induced effects in microelectronic structures (Opens external link in new windowRADNEXT)

Within the framework of these projects, scientists from EU member states and associated countries can apply for support in the use of PTB's PIAF accelerator facility for their projects.

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Core Facility ''Metrologie of Ultra-Low Magnetic Fields

Since 1 May 2017, PTB operates a new Core Facility called ''Metrology for Ultra-Low Magnetic Fields'' on its site in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), PTB grants external scientists from universities, from international metrology institutes and from companies access to its know-how and to its equipment with instruments for the measurement of ultra-low magnetic fields – equipment which is unique in the world.

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