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Impartial Counsellors / Ombudspersons for Good Scientific Practice

Science is based on integrity and observing generally recognized rules. Dishonesty endangers science. It destroys the trust that one scientist places in another, as well as the trust that society has in science and without which scientific work is not conceivable.

Based on the memorandum “Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” of the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (Opens external link in new windowDFG – German Research Foundation), PTB has elaborated rules for internal systematic self-regulation. By doing so, the rules of good scientific practice, which have always been internalized and followed by the vast majority of scientists, are to be made as clear as possible, and proceedings for the handling of actual or alleged wrong conduct are to be defined (Opens external link in new windowQM-VA-16).
Yet it is not always possible to stand on this basis, and questions, doubts and suspicions may arise. For this reason, the President of PTB has nominated two contact persons to provide help if things no longer seem to be right:

For the Braunschweig Institute:

Opens window for sending emailDr. Christian Koch, Opens internal link in current windowSound Department, phone (0531) 592-1600 

For the Berlin Institute:

Opens window for sending emailProf. Dr. Markus Bär, Opens internal link in current windowMathematical Modelling and Data Analysis Department, phone (030) 3481-7687


What can we do for you?

The persons of trust

Give advice:

  • Listen if you have questions or doubts
  • Tell you about the main features of good scientific practice
  • Register, discuss and examine suspicious circumstances

Provide support:

  • Strengthen your courage to deal with conflict fairly and actively
  • Help you to find solutions
  • Inform the President in suspicious cases that have been substantiated so that a decision can be taken about starting official procedures

Offer mediation:

  • Initiate, organize and lead mediation talks
  • Provide for a reconciliation of interests, if necessary
  • Provide mediation and advice in cases of conflict with academic advisors or scientific and business partners.

The persons of trust work confidentially, fairly and transparently for those involved. They are independent and are not responsible for issues relating to employment law, disciplinary law or financial law. This allows the open discussion of many problems which may arise in scientific work, and helps to counter developments in the wrong direction, if necessary. This also includes questions about the supervision of academic work, about good practice when publishing, and about dealing with records and measurement data.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have the feeling that something is not right. The earlier that problems are talked about, the easier it is to solve them.