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Presidential Staff (PSt)

The task of the Presidential Staff is to support the Presidential Board both conceptually and strategically and to relieve it of its routine business.


The main task of the department is the conceptual and organisational preparation and steering of the research, work and investment planning as assistance to the Presidential Board.

Current focal points are the shaping of the European Metrology Research Programme, in which the PTB is significantly involved, as well as the implementation of elements of the programme control in the PTB. The Working Group deals with this question, together with the representatives of the divisions, in the "Research Programmes" Committee (A-FP).

The most important tools for the cross-divisional controlling of the PTB by the Presidential Board are the working plan discussions and the decisions on the ultralarge devices. Here the working area Research Programs, Strategic Controlling, Special Tasks renders the necessary assistance in cooperation with the Organisations- und Controllingreferat (Organisation and Controlling Section), and with the Quality Management Department.

The Working Group, which comprises the former "Staff Office" to a large extent, is additionally entrusted with the preparation of meetings and the attending to the Board of Consultants, director conferences, strategy conferences, the postgraduate programme, the filing of applications for third-party funds, guests, and the responding to ministerial enquiries.

The rest is assigned to the term "special tasks".