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Die Quantenkommunikation verspricht durch Ausnutzung quantenmechanischer Effekte eine abhörsichere Übertragung von Informationen. Eine der zurzeit am weitesten erforschten Anwendungsfälle ist die quantenbasierte Schlüsselverteilung. Nach intensiver Forschung auf diesem Gebiet steht nun der technologische Sprung in die Wirtschaft bevor: Das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) fördert 36 Einrichtungen im Innovationshub für Quantenkommunikation, um Forschungsinstitute und Unternehmen zu vernetzen. Das begleitende Schirmprojekt (SQuaD) wird von der Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) in engem Schulterschluss mit dem Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) koordiniert und bringt Akteure aus Forschung und Industrie zusammen. Darüber hinaus erweitert es bestehende Testumgebungen für die Quantenkommunikationstechnologie. 

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently pushing a large number of innovations in medicine forward. And this area in particular makes us ask a critical question: How do we know if a new AI system is reliable or not? The EU has started a project in the healthcare sector within the scope of its TEF initiative – TEF being Testing and Experimentation Facilities – to address this question. It is to examine innovative approaches to AI and robotics in healthcare and make them ready for the market more quickly. TEF Health is its name, and it began with a kick-off meeting on 23 January 2023. This project is part of the EU’s Digital Europe Programme, and its funding will total 60 million euros. The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) is significantly involved in one of its project groups that is to establish agile approval processes for trustworthy AI. Within PTB, this project is one of the components making up its innovative key area of...

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Contact with colleagues

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Are you seeking contact with PTB scientists? Then in the chapter Opens internal link in current windowStructure & Divisions you can look up who is working in a suitable field of activity.

Research topics

The SI with its 7 base units
In the new International System of Units (SI), seven fundamental constants are determined as defining reference values. (Diagram: PTB)

An overview of the diverse research landscape of PTB as well as some particularly highlighted topics (for example, PTB research surrounding the International System of Units SI) you will find in the chapter Opens internal link in current windowResearch & Development). In addition, it is always worthwhile to look at the Opens internal link in current windowmain Homepage as well as the homepages of the respective Opens internal link in current windowDivisions. How reputable PTB is among researchers you can see at Opens internal link in current windowPTB in the World of Research. Furthermore, PTB has been – specifically its R&D component, in particular – evaluated repeatedly with excellent results. You can download the respective documents (which are in German only) in the right column as a pdf file.

Scientific publications

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In the database Opens internal link in current windowPTB-Publica you can search for scientific publications by PTB staff members. Furthermore, some divisions maintain their own overview lists on the publications of their staff members. These you will find via the respective Opens internal link in current windowhomepages of the divisions.

Research collaborations

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The many collaborations of the individual PTB divisions you will find in the Annual Report under the column Opens internal link in current windowFrom the Divisions. International collaborations of PTB, e.g. with other metrology institutes within the framework of the European Metrology Research Programme EMRP/EMPIR, you will find at Opens internal link in current windowInternational Affairs. Some current EMRP dates you will find in the current issue of Opens internal link in current windowPTB-News.

What PTB offers doctoral candidates

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PTB's broad range of offers for students, doctoral candidates, and also extending beyond the doctorate degree you will find in the chapter Opens internal link in current windowAbout Us & Careers.