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They have done a good job, and their cooperation will be continued: After a successful review by an international commission of high-ranking scientists, the German-Japanese Center for Time, Constants and Fundamental Symmetries (TCFS) can start its second term. It will continue to strengthen the collaboration among German and Japanese institutes to advance most sensitive instruments for fundamental measurements in atomic and nuclear physics, antimatter and dark matter research, quantum optics and metrology. Three partners – the Max Planck Institutes for nuclear physics (MPIK) and for quantum optics (MPQ), the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB) and the Japanese flagship research institution RIKEN – will fund the centre in equal amounts with a total of around €7.5 million for an additional five years, starting in January 2024.

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“Think Metrology” is the motto from 26-29 August 2024 at the World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO). It will be a summit meeting for the world’s leading metrologists. More than 700 researchers and users will report on innovations and current topics stemming from the expansive field of metrology. You can already register and submit your paper. Further information: Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.imeko2024.org(Contact: Opens local program for sending emailimeko2024(at)ptb.de)

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Contact with colleagues

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Are you seeking contact with PTB scientists? Then in the chapter Opens internal link in current windowStructure & Divisions you can look up who is working in a suitable field of activity.

Research topics

The SI with its 7 base units
In the new International System of Units (SI), seven fundamental constants are determined as defining reference values. (Diagram: PTB)

An overview of the diverse research landscape of PTB as well as some particularly highlighted topics (for example, PTB research surrounding the International System of Units SI) you will find in the chapter Opens internal link in current windowResearch & Development). In addition, it is always worthwhile to look at the Opens internal link in current windowmain Homepage as well as the homepages of the respective Opens internal link in current windowDivisions. How reputable PTB is among researchers you can see at Opens internal link in current windowPTB in the World of Research. Furthermore, PTB has been – specifically its R&D component, in particular – evaluated repeatedly with excellent results. You can download the respective documents (which are in German only) in the right column as a pdf file.

Scientific publications

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In the database Opens internal link in current windowPTB-Publica you can search for scientific publications by PTB staff members. Furthermore, some divisions maintain their own overview lists on the publications of their staff members. These you will find via the respective Opens internal link in current windowhomepages of the divisions.

Research collaborations

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The many collaborations of the individual PTB divisions you will find in the Annual Report under the column Opens internal link in current windowFrom the Divisions. International collaborations of PTB, e.g. with other metrology institutes within the framework of the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research EMPIR, you will find at Opens internal link in current windowInternational Affairs. Some current EMPIR dates you will find in the current issue of Opens internal link in current windowPTB-News.

What PTB offers doctoral candidates

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PTB's broad range of offers for students, doctoral candidates, and also extending beyond the doctorate degree you will find in the chapter Opens internal link in current windowAbout Us & Careers.