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In addition to news, there is a guide here to the pages of the PTB Web for school children and students (and/or their teachers and professors).


The German Research Foundation (DFG) will promote "Collaborative Research Center 1227 – Designed Quantum Material States" (DQ-mat) for four more years and provide roughly 9.2 million euros in funding. The DFG's senate announced this decision after its session on 28 May 2020. "The scientists working in the DQ-mat Collaborative Research Center have demonstrated their outstanding performance during the last four years. I am very pleased with this decision and would like to thank them for their great dedication. Once again, the DFG's vote shows that Leibniz University is also among the leading universities in Germany and beyond in the field of quantum optics," explains Prof. Volker Epping, the President of Leibniz University. In addition to Leibnitz University, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig is involved in the Collaborative Research Center.

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In cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, the QUEST Institute at PTB has succeeded for the first time in performing precision spectroscopy on highly charged ions. This pioneering experiment makes the field of highly charged ions accessible for research on novel atomic clocks and tests of fundamental physics.

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Materials for teachers

maßstäbe - the popular-scientific magazine of PTB

For your instruction at schools or universities, we would be pleased to send you the Opens internal link in current windowmaßstäbe (which are only available in German) or our Opens internal link in current windowbrochures free of charge in a class set.

Beim Internationalen Einheitensystem (S) steht eine Revolution bevor - wenn auch eine eher stille. Doch sie betrifft Sie als Lehrer. Denn bald müssen Ihre Schüler auf die Frage "Was ist ein Kilogramm?" eine andere Antwort geben als bisher. Um Sie beim Umstieg von Urkilogramm und Co. auf Naturkonstanten zu untertützen, haben wir eine ganze Reihe von Lehrer-Materialien vorbereitet, die Sie sich herunterladen oder bei uns bestellen können.

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School children's lab

What is PTB actually researching? What is the work of PTB's staff like and what vocational training is available here? From lessons in experimenting to introductory work experience – there are various age-appropriate ways for school children and students to get to know PTB from within.

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Vocational training at PTB

PTB trains vocational trainees and apprentices both in Braunschweig and also in Berlin. They profit from a highly modern technical environment and dedicated instructors. We have compiled helpful information on all the apprenticed professions and also many tips for the application.

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By means of student work, work experience or PTB's dual study program, students can set their priorities already during their training and get to know PTB's fields of work. 

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PTB cooperates in various ways in the field of research and teaching with national and international universities. Together with partner universities, student work (undergraduate and graduate studies, Bachelor's and Master's theses, internships) is assigned within PTB's broad field of activity. Thus, tomorrow's staff members can already become familiar with the metrological field of work in the broadest sense at a very early stage of their career and work on challenging questions.

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