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In addition to news, there is a guide here to the pages of the PTB Web for school children and students (and/or their teachers and professors).


The nucleus of thorium-229 possesses a property that is unique among all known nuclides: It should be possible to excite it with ultraviolet light. To date, little has been known about the low-energy state of the Th-229 nucleus that is responsible for this property. Together with their colleagues from Munich and Mainz, researchers at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) have now performed the first-ever measurements – using optical methods – of some important properties of this nuclear state such as the shape of its charge distribution. In this way, a laser excitation of the atomic nucleus can be monitored, thus allowing an optical nuclear clock to be realized that “ticks” more precisely than present-day atomic clocks. The scientists have reported their results in the current issue of Nature.

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Einen prägnanten Eindruck von der großen thematischen Bandbreite der Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) bekam Ministerpräsident Stephan Weil bei seinem Besuch der PTB am 11. April. Stephan Weil informierte sich sowohl über die Grundlagenforschung bei den Atomuhren als auch über die sehr anwendungsnahen PTB-Aufgaben auf dem Feld der Energiewende bei der Besichtigung des neuen Windenergiezentrums der PTB. Hauptsächlich ging es jedoch um wissenschaftspolitische Themen von beiderseitigem Interesse. „Ich bin überaus beeindruckt von den messtechnischen Leistungen und der wissenschaftspolitischen Weitsicht der PTB. Die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter leisten hier in Braunschweig exzellente Arbeit und tragen maßgeblich dazu bei, dass die PTB auf Landes- und Bundesebene zu den herausragenden Forschungseinrichtungen zählt“, so Stephan Weil beim Gespräch mit dem PTB-Präsidium. 

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Materials for teachers

maßstäbe - the popular-scientific magazine of PTB

For your instruction at schools or universities, we would be pleased to send you the Opens internal link in current windowmaßstäbe (which are only available in German) or our Opens internal link in current windowbrochures free of charge in a class set.

School children's lab

What is PTB actually researching? What is the work of PTB's staff like and what vocational training is available here? From lessons in experimenting to introductory work experience – there are various age-appropriate ways for school children and students to get to know PTB from within.

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Vocational training at PTB

PTB trains vocational trainees and apprentices both in Braunschweig and also in Berlin. They profit from a highly modern technical environment and dedicated instructors. We have compiled helpful information on all the apprenticed professions and also many tips for the application.

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By means of student work, work experience or PTB's dual study program, students can set their priorities already during their training and get to know PTB's fields of work. 

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PTB cooperates in various ways in the field of research and teaching with national and international universities. Together with partner universities, student work (undergraduate and graduate studies, Bachelor's and Master's theses, internships) is assigned within PTB's broad field of activity. Thus, tomorrow's staff members can already become familiar with the metrological field of work in the broadest sense at a very early stage of their career and work on challenging questions.

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