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RSS Newsfeeds

The RSS service of the German Calibration service keeps you fully informed even without opening the DKD website.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or, in other words, “a simple way to send information”. RSS is a web function which indicates changes to the website.
The RSS feed is a kind of news ticker with headlines that provides you with the latest news and information about forthcoming events.
To keep you informed, we have created two RSS feeds:

DKD Events

DKD News

New DKD documents

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

RSS feeds are read by means of an RSS reader. This RSS reader, however, is not installed by default in common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge; they need an extension or add-on. You will find the RSS reader in the settings of your browser, e.g. via the menu options “Add-ons” (Firefox) or “Extensions” (Chrome). The Internet Explorer includes an RSS reader by default. To subscribe to the DKD RSS Feed, you just have to click on the links “DKD Events” or “DKD News”. Subscriptions are also possible via the menu of your extension or add-on. Apart from browsers, there are some mail programmes that can also display RSS feeds (e.g. Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird); or they use a separate RSS reader programme (e.g. Feedly).