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Chemical Physics and Explosion Protection

Division 3

The classical main theorems of thermodynamics, safety-related issues of explosion protection and metrology in chemistry determine the work of Division 3.


The tasks of this division comprise the measurement of thermodynamic quantities and the dissemination of their units, the development of analytical chemical primary methods and standards and physical and electrical explosion protection.

Besides the basic research in the above-mentioned areas, the division must carry out instrument tests which are part of the PTB's areas of activities established by law.

Abt. 3, Abteilungsbericht aus dem Jahresbericht



Es wurde ein laminarer Strömungsreaktor (engl. plug-flow reactor, PFR) zur Untersuchung der Gasphasenchemie im Temperaturbereich von ca. 400 ‒ 1200 K aufgebaut. Er soll zukünftig Informationen über chemische Reaktionen bei Zündprozessen liefern.

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