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Chemical Physics and Explosion Protection

Division 3

The classical main theorems of thermodynamics, safety-related issues of explosion protection and metrology in chemistry determine the work of Division 3.


The tasks of this division comprise the measurement of thermodynamic quantities and the dissemination of their units, the development of analytical chemical primary methods and standards and physical and electrical explosion protection.

Besides the basic research in the above-mentioned areas, the division must carry out instrument tests which are part of the PTB's areas of activities established by law.


Carbon oxides belong to the important anthropogenic and natural climate relevant compounds. WG 3.42 continued the work with carbon monoxide and dioxide, in cooperation with guest researchers from UC London. Meanwhile, a very weak carbon monoxide band has been recorded in the third overtone of the CO molecule, and further spectra have been measured in pure material, as well as in interactions...

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The EUMETRISPEC initiative of WG 3.42, which aims at highly accurate determinations of molecular spectral reference data for important atmospheric gases, concentrated this year on the extension of the existing nitrous oxide (N2O) results.

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The cooperation of PTB and AVL-List GmbH – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of measurement instruments for the automotive sector – continued this year with further experiments at the diesel soot generator at PTB. Stability and reproducibility of the diesel soot generator were further improved. New operating points were determined, which are suitable to model the motoric soot emissions at...

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