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Sector 4: Measuring Instruments – National and EEC Approvals


The sector 4 of the PTB conformity assessment body performs domestic conformity assessement according to the German MessEG of measuring instruments subject to legal control.

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Service offer

The service offer of the sector comprises:

  • Domestic Conformity assessments within the scope of German act concerning the placement and provision of measuring instruments on the market, their use and verification, and also on prepackages (Weights and Measures Act)
  • EEC type-approval certificates on the basis of the outline directive 2009/34/EC

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Fields of reference

  • Length and area measuring instruments (WG 5.45)
  • Measuring instruments for liquids (WG 1.51)
  • Measuring instruments for gas (WG 1.42, WG 1.44, WG 3.35)
  • Weighing instruments (WG 1.12)
  • Densitymeters and contentmeters of liquids (WG 3.32)
  • Measuring instruments for temperature (WG 7.42,  WG 7.51)
  • Pressure measuring instruments (WG 3.33)
  • Measuring Instruments for public trafic (WG 1.31,  WG 1.71WG 3.33)
  • Measuring instruments for electrical energy (WG 2.34)
  • Soundlevelmeters (WG 1.63)
  • Measuring instruments for thermal energy (WG 7.51)
  • Measuring Instruments for Radition Protection (WG 6.25,  WG 6.31)
  • Volume of nonliquid measured materials (AG 5.4)
  • Densitymeters and contentmeters of nonliquids (AG 1.11, WG 3.41)
  • Quality System Evaluation of Measuring Instruments Manufacturers (WG 9.22)

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