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The kilogram project: a silicon sphere is been measured.

Avogadro Project

How many atoms make a kilogram? PTB is answering this question in the Avogadro Project with the help of an almost perfect single crystal of silicon – and in this way it is contributing significantly to the redefinition of the kilogram and the mole.

PTB - The National Metrology Institute of Germany

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In Braunschweig and Berlin, time comes from atomic clocks, lengths are measured far into the nano-world, scientists do research on fundamental questions concerning the physical units, and the employees in the laboratories calibrate measuring instruments, meeting the most demanding requirements. Therefore, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt is among the top names in metrology worldwide. As Germany's national metrology institute, PTB is Germany's highest authority when it comes to correct and reliable measurements. It is the supreme technical authority of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and employs a total of approx. 1900 staff members. PTB operates an integrated Opens internal link in current windowquality management system which covers the four interlinked field of business. (Initiates file downloadSelf-Declaration on quality management).

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The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the National Metrology Institute of Germany, is a scientific and technical higher federal authority falling within the competence of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Verbessertes Verfahren zur spektralen Farbmessung

Spektrale Farbmessungen sind heutzutage in vielen Bereichen der Wissenschaft und Industrie unverzichtbar. Beispielsweise sind eindeutige Farbdefinitionen und optimale Farbwiederholungen in der...

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Various aspheres

New developments in measurement techniques for aspheres

Whether we are dealing with space telescopes whose lens systems have to be accurate to the nanometer despite their large dimensions or with cell phone cameras or endoscopes, aspheres are used in...

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Nanomaterialien und andere neuartige Werkstoffe anwendungssicher und umweltverträglich entwickeln und nutzen

(Gemeinsame Presseinformation mit der Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA), der Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), dem Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung...

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Bestrahlung von Zellproben mit Laser-beschleunigten Protonen

Laser-beschleunigte Protonen zur Krebstherapie

Die Bestrahlung mit Protonen gilt als sehr wirksame und gleichzeitig schonende Methode der Krebsbehandlung. Ein interdisziplinäres Team von Physikern und Mediziner aus Düsseldorf, Essen und...

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PTB-News 1.2016

Three times a year, PTB News provides topical information from the varied spectrum of activities of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).
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Annual Report 2015

The Annual Report 2015 summarizes last year's news, developments, and projects.
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PTB-Mitteilungen 4.2015, Das Jahr des Lichtes
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PTB Open Access Repository in Datenbank überführt [ more ]

Accurate size and shape measurement of erosive particles with computed tomography [ more ]

OIML Seminar on Legal Metrology Management Systems [ more ]

At the surface of the new kilogram [ more ]

Heliumverflüssiger für die PTB in Braunschweig [ more ]

Improved reconstruction of spatially resolved color spectra [ more ]

Untersuchungen zum Temperatur- und Feuchteeinfluss auf die Drehmomentmessung veröffentlicht [ more ]

Software-Werkzeuge für die Berechnung von Messunsicherheiten bei der Kraftmessung [ more ]

Extension of the agreement on EUV reflectometry with Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH until the end of 2020 [ more ]

Metrological use of cavitation – Innovative flow generation of fluid flows by means of special cavitation nozzles [ more ]