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Temperature and Synchrotron Radiation

Division 7

Highest accuracy and reliability of the realisation, maintenance and dissemination of units of radiation physics and thermodynamics, especially of the quantities spectral power of electromagnetic radiation, temperature, heat, pressure in vacuum. Development of new methods and techniques even in extreme areas, Advisory service and development of measuring systems for new metrological challenges


Within the scope of a cooperation project with the National Institute of Metrology (NIM, China), researchers succeeded at PTB in improving the uncertainty in the realization of the SI base unit "kelvin" via the triple point of water to less than 20 µK at PTB. In addition, ...

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By means of improved measurement procedures, PTB employees from the field of spectrometry with synchrotron radiation have succeeded – in cooperation with partners from industry – in experimentally confirming the different energy dependencies of partial photoionization cross sections which could so far be predicted only by theoretical calculations. Due to this, the quantification approach of...

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The kick-off meeting for the project "Seven Nanometre Technology" (SeNaTe) has recently taken place on the occasion of IMEC in Leuven and within the scope of the EU programme "Horizon 2020" in the ECSEL call 2014-2 "Innovation Actions". PTB is one among 41 partners taking part in the 3-year project for the development of the technological infrastructure for the manufacturing of semiconducting ...

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