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Temperature and Synchrotron Radiation

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Highest accuracy and reliability of the realisation, maintenance and dissemination of units of radiation physics and thermodynamics, especially of the quantities spectral power of electromagnetic radiation, temperature, heat, pressure in vacuum. Development of new methods and techniques even in extreme areas, Advisory service and development of measuring systems for new metrological challenges



PTB has been developing highly sensitive SQUID-based (Superconducting QUantum Interference Device) current sensors for a range of precision measurement applications. Recently, PTB's SQUID current sensors in combination with superconducting microcalorimeters have been used successfully to characterize novel single-photon emitters and microlasers for quantum optics.



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The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement announced in a press release on 16 March 2017 that they had nominated five submissions for the AMA Innovation Award 2017. This year, the Young Enterprise special award was bestowed on SLT Sensor- und Lasertechnik GmbH in Wildau, Germany and representatives of the Berlin Institute of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). They jointly...

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Dr. Jan Wernecke was recognised for his doctorial dissertation “When Size Does Matter: Dimensional Metrology of Nanostructured Layers and Surfaces Using X-Rays” at the Technische Universität Berlin with the 2016 Ernst Eckhard Koch Prize of the Association of Friends of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. His doctoral studies were carried out in the X-ray Radiometry group at the electron storage ring...

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