Workshop for the European research project 19ENG02 FutureEnergy

On May 24 in Madrid a course on HV metrology was given followed by a workshop presenting the results of 19ENG02 FutureEnergy and visits to the laboratories of LCOE.

Before noon 49 participants attended the course from university UPM, TAU and TU Delft, HV industry manufacturers, testing labs and grid operators, and several National Metrologies were represented. The course was given in Spanish with English translation.

During the afternoon workshop 59 attendees listened to presentations of the results from the EMPIR project 19ENG02 FutureEnergy and had discussions at the poster during coffee breaks.

Here you can find the course material, posters and presentations of this event.

Metrology for future energy transmission - FutureEnergy

Welcome and overview of the project.

Presentation by Alf-Peter Elg (RISE)


WP1 – UHVDC calibration and testing

Presentation of the development of three UHVDC divider systems and a UHVDC generator, Alf-Peter Elg (RISE)

Poster: Modular Universal Divider System for Calibration of UHVDC, Composite and Combined waves


WP2 – Lightning impulse voltage calibrations for UHV testing

Presentation of the activities WP2, Jari Hällström (VTT)

Presentation of a UHVLI measurement campaign, Jari Hällström (VTT)

Presentation of LI front oscillation, Wei Zhao (VSL)


Poster: Effects of coaxial cables on high-voltage lightning impulse measurement parameters

Poster: Lightning impulse voltage Reference measuring system development in VSL

Poster: Improved TU Delft 4000 kV LI generator and divider for comparison campaign


WP3 – Voltage dependence of HVAC references

Presentation of six techniques studied for voltage dependence in HVAC capacitors, Ernest Houtzager (VSL)


Poster: New Method for the Determination of Voltage Dependency of High-Voltage Capacitors

Poster: Calibration of High Voltage Capacitance and Dissipation Factors Bridge

Poster: Field Probe measurements for Linearity - VSL


WP4 – HVDC grid condition monitoring

Presentation of the results from grid condition monitoring by Fernando Garnacho (FFII)

Presentation of the development of charge evaluation in HVDC GIS by Christian Mier (TUDelft)


Poster: New Synthetic PD Calibrator to qualify PD analysers used for insulation diagnosis of HVDC and HVAC cable systems

Poster: Calibration Method for PD Measurements in GIS

Poster: Validation of a calibration procedure for PD analysers used for HVDC insulation diagnosis