WP1 – UHVDC Calibration and testing

1200 kV HVDC comparison at RISE on 7 – 25 March

Nine new HVDC modules built and calibrated at RISE. These modules are part of the modular HVDC divider measurement systems from five national labs, PTB, RISE, TUBITAK, VSL and VTT. The nine new HVDC modules were combined with the seven modules systems built in the EMRP 07ENG HVDC project 2010 – 2013. Two 1200 kV HVDC divider configurations and an 800 kV divider were put to test and successfully compared up 1200 kV.

RISE 2 x 1200 kV + 800 kV calibration 

Time slip of 1200 kV divider set-up at RISE

In addition, two intercomparisons were performed in a measurement campaign at RISE. Firstly five 200 kV HVDC measurement systems from from five national labs, PTB, RISE, TUBITAK, VSL and VTT were compared and divided into two EURAMET supplementary intercomparisons EURAMET.EM-S46 and EURAMET.EM-S47.

RISE 200 kV intercomparison

1600 kV UHVDC comparison at PTB on 23 May – 8 June

At PTB an open-air test field of 50 x 60 m was used to intercompare two new types of HVDC measurement systems with the two 1200 kV HVDC dividers of PTB and RISE from the first campaign. Traceability was pushed to 1600 kV by a new divider design, also a shielded RCRC divider like the modular HVDC divider. A simpler RCR divider was calibrated to 1000 kV.

PTB 1600 kV calibration

Video-link PTB overflying test field during campaign


WP2 – Lightning impulse voltage calibrations for UHV testing

UHV verification campaign at TU Delft up to 3500 kV on 10 – 28 Oct 2022

Nine different dividers were selected to take part in the intercomparison in October 2022, with various designs and properties, i.e., a mixture of resistive and damped capacitive dividers. These dividers were optimized and characterised to fine-tune the performance. The reference measurement systems were divided into three categories for the campaign to use a step-up procedure; the first is 400-600 kV, the second is 1200 kV and the third is 2000-3600 kV. A voltage level of 3000 kV in both polarities was reached and the measurements were successful. Analysis is on-going.

TU Delft 3000 kV LI linearity

Time slip of set-up at TU Delft


WP3 – Voltage dependence at HVAC

Validation of performance of new method(s) up to 800 kV in Jan 2023

A new method has been developed for the evaluation of the voltage dependency of high voltage capacitors. It was tested at PTB and published at the CPEM 2022. A measurement campaign up to 800 kV is being prepared to validate a new method for determination of linearity of HV capacitors. The campaign will be performed at PTB.

PTB 200 kV voltage dependency of high voltage capacitors


WP4 – Metrology for HVDC grid condition monitoring

Round robin test assessing HF PD analysers June – Nov 2022

A round-robin test is ongoing between FFII, UPM, RISE, TAU and TU Delft using a developed adjustable synthetic PD calibrator. Analysis of results is ongoing.

Round-robin of PD analysers.