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Work package 2 dealing with digital calibration certificates (DCC)

The basic concept of a universal and flexible structure for digital calibration certificates (DCCs) has been developed and established.

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Work package 3 dealing with online validation system(s)

The SmartCom project has developed two novel modules for the validation of SI-based data formats and digital calibration certificates.

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Suggestions for the realization of digital calibration certificates (DCCs) published

A document specifying the design principles for DCCs “Document describing a universal and flexible structure for digital calibration certificates...

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Guides on how to validate DCCs and the metadata-format used for representing the calibration data

Deliverable D5 > For the validation of the D-SI data format and the DCC structure SmartCom has integrated two novel validation modules into an online...

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Expanding the accessibility to the guidelines for the D-SI data format

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The D-SI brochure, the guide for the use of the metadata format for the digital transfer of metrological data, has been translated into Chinese

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Document specifying rules for the secure use of DCC covering legal aspects of metrology

A guide has been developed, specifying the rules for the secure use of DCC. while covering legal aspects of metrology.

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Machine-readable CODATA - list of fundamental constants

All CODATA 2018 values are available for download

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Work package 1 dealing with data transfer completed

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A unified meta data format has been developed for the exchange of measurement data in ICT applications and their implementation using XML.

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Mid-term meeting and Stakeholder workshop

Our mid-term meeting with the project partner took place in November at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington

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Suggestion for a Digital-SI published

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A short description of the data model can be found in "D-SI in Short - Digital brochure on establishing the use of units in digitalised...

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