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Technical Work Packages

WP1: Universal format for transfer of metrological data via digital communications

The aim of this work package is the elaboration and definition of a fundamental description applicable to all metrological data used in digital communication. For the first time and linked to worldwide established SI, WP1 will define the measures that are essential for an easy-to-use, safe, harmonised and unambiguous exchange of metrological data. The handling of non-SI units will also be considered.

WP2: DCC (digital calibration certificate) considering technical and legal requirements

The aim of this work package is the establishment of DCC. In order to obtain global acceptance of DCC, the requirements for physical calibration certificates (paper form) of leading countries will first be analysed. Using these requirements, a flexible and universal data structure will then be defined. The DCC will be realised in extensible markup language (XML) and the metrological data will be represented according to the specifications developed in WP1. In contrast to physical calibration certificates, new framework conditions required for digital communication, such as the transfer of encrypted data, authentication and digital signatures, will have to be developed and established (worldwide and for the first time).

WP3: Online validation of data formats and DCCs in digital communications

This work package will establish a worldwide, accessible 24/7, online service for (1) all applications where metrological data is exchanged, and (2) the validation of DCC. Best practice guides for this service will be produced in order to guide software engineers, purchasers of products used in “intelligent” communication networks and managers of quality assurance systems. The work package will also develop guidelines on how the validation concepts will be integrated into the existing and well-established online validation platform TraCIM (from the previous EMRP project NEW06).

WP4: Online conformity assessment in legal metrology

This work package will define a user-oriented and easy-to-establish online conformity assessment system that fulfils the requirements of legal preconditions identified in this WP. The work package will focus on industrial users that develop sophisticated networks inside digital networks and whose previous developments could not come to market due to restriction by national laws.

WP5: SmartCom Demonstrators

This work package will build and validate pilot applications (i.e. demonstrators) that prove the metrological applicability of the concepts developed in the SmartCom project.

WP6: Creating impact

WP7: Management and coordination