Workshop on Optical Networks for Accurate Time and Frequency Transfer

20-21 November 2012, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands


Increasing requirements for accurate time and frequency signals in industry and scientific programs put forward new challenges. Europe has a large number of modern ultra-precise clocks. Major challenges are how to synchronize these clocks over long distances and how to get the time or frequency signal from these clocks to the location where it is required. It is generally agreed that optical fiber links are an excellent alternative to satellite based distant clock comparison and synchronization techniques.

Who we are

A European collaboration has been initiated to lay the foundations for a novel approach to disseminate high-precision timing and ultrastable frequency signals in a wide range of science and technology applications by using existing fiber infrastructure. This joint research project called Network for European Accurate Time and Frequency Transfer (NEAT-FT) is a collaboration of European key experts in the field of optical fiber Time and Frequency transfer from several European national metrology institutes.

The aim of the workshop

The objective of this workshop was to bring together different parties interested in time and frequency transfer using fiber networks.

The workshop offers the opportunity to discuss:

  • current and future requirements for accurate time and frequency transfer and synchronization.
  • network infrastructure to accommodate accurate time and frequency transfer
  • equipment to be developed to fulfill future needs
  • written standards and protocols to implement time and frequency transfer in existing networks


Latest NEWS:

80 participants from industry and academia attended the workshop.

Participants included producers of time and frequency signals, users of time or frequency signals, providers of optic fiber network infrastructure and manufacturers of opto-electronic and TF distribution equipment.



Workshop participants