The joint research project (JRP) NEAT-FT aims to investigate new techniques for phase-coherent comparison of remotely located optical clocks, separated by distances of up to 1500 km. This includes a study of the fundamental limitations of optical fiber links to the attainable instability and accuracy of optical reference frequencies and timing signals. The JRP aims to reduce the contribution of the link to the relative uncertainty of a frequency comparison to a level significantly below that of the clocks involved (typical relative uncertainty about 10-17).


  • Demonstration of frequency transfer with 17 digits accuracy
  • Demonstration of clock based relativistic geodesy at the decimeter level
  • Demonstration of time transfer at the 100 ps level
  • Demonstration of a baseline for the ACES mission

Latest News:

The project has ended May 2015.


Major tasks will be continued within the EMPIR project OFTEN.