Impact on the metrology and scientific communities

The creation of new electrical quantum standards, which do not rely on ultracold temperatures and high magnetic fields, as needed for present quantum Hall resistance standards, could revolutionise the metrological landscape. TSS are possible candidates for such devices. Investigations in this project will provide information about the possibility of using TSS for quantum resistance standards,

The accuracy of the determination of the DMI strength is crucial for the design of future applications employing TSS, e.g., novel types of magnetic memories. Only if the DMI strength is uniquely defined and measured a clear relation with intrinsic or extrinsic material properties can be established. This project will take a major step to resolve this key scientific controversy by organising a round robin (RR) comparison measurement involving the world-leading groups in the field. For the first time it will thus allow the effects of different measurement setups on the determination of the DMI constant to be pinpointed. If economically feasible, a measurement service for the DMI constant will be established.

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