Technical Work Packages

In order to meet the project objectives, six work packages (WP) exist:

  • WP1: Towards reliable measurements of key parameters in TSS

    •  Round Robin comparison of quantitative DMI measurements using

      1. different techniques (MOKE, TR-MOKE, BLS) in different labs

      2. the same technique in different labs

    •  Development of analysis software and new DMI measurement setups.

  • WP2: Distinct detection and manipulation of multiple and individual TSS

    • Quantitative MFM measurements on TSS and comparison across labs
    • Identification of TSS and their lattices using spatially resolved techniques (LTEM, SANS)
    • Emerging thermoelectrics and electrodynamics (novel spin-charge coupling)
  • WP3: Novel dynamical and quantization effects in TSS

    • Characteristic dynamics and induced motion of TSS in microwave fields (FMR and BLS)
    • Dynamics of TSS at ultrahigh frequencies (THz spectroscopy and ultrashort voltage pulses)
    • Novel quantization effects in TSS (transport on TSS coupled to graphene)
  • WP4: Materials and Simulations

    • Material fabrication of
      • thin films, e.g. Pt/Co/Ir or FeGe
      • bulk materials e.g. MnSi and Cu2OSeO3
    • Simulations of
      • MFM stray field measurements
      • TSS transport properties
      • Characteristic dynamical modes
      • Ultrafast effects
  • WP5: Creating impact

  • WP6: Management and coordination