Workshop on Metrology for Topological Spin Structures

On 23.11.2021 the dissemination workshop "Workshop on Metrology for Topological Spin Structures" was held. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic it took place online. All partners presented their final results in oral form. This gave the opportunity for discussions within the consortium, but also with close partners, who were invited to the dissemination workshop.

The workshop was organized in four sessions to meet the main objectives of the project.

In order to provide access to a wider audience, the videos of the oral talks are uploaded here.

Session 1 – DMI measurements (round robin and MOKE)

  Michaela Kuepferling (INRIM)DMI round robin

  Alessandro Magni (INRIM)DMI measurements using MOKE

  Gianfranco Durin (INRIM)MOKAS: Evaluating DMI from bubble expansion measurements


Session 2 – Transport and spatially-resolved measurements

  Craig Barton (NPL) - MFM of skyrmion spin textures

  Hector Corte (NPL)Moving skyrmions with MFM

  Christian Back (TU Munich) - LTEM for the detection of skyrmion lattices

  Alexandra Stacey (U Leeds) - Measuring Hall effects from skyrmions in magnetic materials

  Alexander Fernandez (PTB) - Thermoelectric signature of individual skyrmions

  Murat Cubukcu (NPL)Ion irradiation of skyrmion hosting materials


Session 3 – Dynamics and frequency-resolved measurements

  Giovanni Carlotti (U Perugia)Effect of interfacial DMI on spin waves propagation in magnetic ultrathin films, magnonic crystals and nanostructures

  Silvia Tacchi (U Perugia)Brillouin light scattering: effective and versatile tool to quantify DMI constant in multilayered and patterned systems

  Jantje Kalin (PTB)Optically excited collective spin dynamics of skyrmions in Fe1-xCoxSi

  Emily Darwin (U Leeds)THz spectroscopy on multilayer skyrmion systems


Session 4 – Simulations and theory

  Raffaele Silvani (INRIM)Simulations of DMI in multilayers

  Vittorio Basso (INRIM)Gauge theory and DMI energy terms