Impact on industrial and other user communities

ICT is an important sector for economic development in Europe and affects economic growth across the economy. The research in this project will enable a fundamental understanding of novel spintronic effects, enabling promising new device concepts. Such new concepts have already been proven to be important in the past for the foundation of technological companies. Making use of intellectual property protection, new devices and concepts developed in the project will also be offered for exploitation to European stakeholders to increase the competitiveness of the European ICT industry and, thus, consolidate the current excellence of European industry and research institutes.

Close cooperation between NMIs and leading research institutes will provide unique expertise to support the existing research networks on topological spin structures in Europe. European researchers pioneered this field and are at present among the leading experts. Moreover, several national programmes on topological spin structures are running or planned. Interaction with different national programmes will be an important dissemination activity.

The DMI already has an influence on today’s magnetic nanoscale devices. With an ongoing decrease of the size of such devices, the influence will even become more important. The successful implementation of the project will create new measurement capabilities for the DMI constant at NMI level from which industry will profit in the short- and long term, respectively.

The project will yield information about charge-spin coupling in TSS, single skyrmion detection, and dynamics of TSS. Such information will be essential for future applications of TSS, e.g., for racetrack memory devices, high density storage devices, or logic devices.