This JRP addresses the following scientific and technical objectives in four workpackages:


WP1:  Advanced Trap Design:                                                              

To develop robust single-ion physics packages for long interrogation  periods and to develop trap designs for multiple ions to improve signal-to-noise ratio

WP2:  Laser Frequency Control and Clock Interrogation:                        

To develop reference cavities for the frequency stabilisation of laser oscillators for the interrogation with longer clock pulses, to develop optimised techniques for quantum logic clocks, and to develop computer-control systems that give unattended averaging times of several days

WP3:  Evaluation of Frequency Shifts:                                                 

To determine accurate values of the coefficients of systematic frequency shifts for the proposed clock species for uncertainty budgets in the 10-17 range, in particular to characterise and control the shift produced by blackbody radiation

WP4: Clock performance evaluation and frequency measurements:    

To deliver intercomparisons of clock performance in terms of stability and accuracy and to achieve measurements of absolute optical frequencies at the uncertainty achievable with primary caesium clocks (about 1ยท10-15) and of optical frequency ratios at lower uncertainty