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Torque measurement uncertainty in multi-MW nacelle test benches

Author(s): Stefan Kock Person, Georg Jacobs, Dennis Bosse and Paula Weidinger
Journal: Conference for Wind Power Drives : conference proceedings
Year: 2017
Month: March
Day: 7
Pages: 1-14
Publisher: Norderstedt : Books on Demand
Event name: Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
Event place: Germany
Event date: 07.-08.03.2017
DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2017-02946
ISBN: 3-7431-3456-X, 978-3-7431-3456-0
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Abstract: This paper covers a simulative method for the determination of parasitic loads, such as forces and bending moments, on multi-MW nacelle test benches during MN·m torque measurement. One part of this method is the approach to the simulative characterisation of the MN·m torque transducers, which are based on strain gauge measurement. Another part includes recommendations for the structural Finite Element Modeling (FEM)of the multi-MW nacelle test benches. After a short summary of the main components of the nacelle test bench as well as the existing torque measurement and their calibration methods, the FEM model of the 5 MN·m research transducer will be introduced. The description of the proper element type and mesh density selection as well as the determination of the structural properties of the research transducer will be presented. The FEM model will be validated by measurement results on the calibration machine up to 1.1 MN·m. For this purpose, the paper also compiles the FEM simulation of the calibration machine. In the next step the validated model of the 5 MN ·m research transducer will be implemented into FEM model of the 4 MW RWTH nacelle test bench. Consequently it will be possible to determine the parasitic loads and deformations by simulation. The paper is concluded by the discussion and quantification of the influences of the parasitic loads on the MN·m torque measurement uncertainty in multi-MW nacelle test benches.

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