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20IND13 - Safest

The overarching aim of the Safest project was to provide the foundation for advanced flow metrology in the transport sector ensuring reliable fuel consumption measurements as needed in road and maritime transport. By enabling characterizations of flow meters closer to operational conditions and a better consideration of the impact of the fuel properties on the flow measurement innovation in the transport sector will be fostered and the increased deployment of sustainable alternative transport fuels supported. Moreover, the results will contribute to appropriate emission calculations. At the dissemination workshop findings and outputs of the project will be presented. Topics will comprise among others

o    Technologies for realizing and measuring dynamic flow changes
o    Effect of transport properties on flow meter performance 
o    Simulation of interaction between test liquid and flow meters 
o    Density/viscosity/speed of sound of selected alternative and synthetic fuels at a broad pressure and temperature range
o    Evaluation of commercial inline viscometers/densimeters 

Project duration: September 2021 – August 2024

This project is a joint research project within the European Metrology Research Programme EMPIR. The major goals and objectives of the project are given in the downloadable Publishable Summary

In order to get in contact for more details, email the Coordinator.


The Projekt will End in August 2024

Dissemination Workshop and 5th project meeting
20. August 2024 (1 pm CEST) bis 21. August 2024 (~12 am CEST)

Venue: PTB Braunschweig - Seminar Center

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