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AC measurements of QHE devices at METAS

Transportation chamber for the delivery of graphene samples

A day in an impedance lab at CMI

Realisation of metrology-grade graphene quantum Hall devices at PTB

Graphene based quantum Hall devices, Mattias Kruskopf @ EURAMET TC-EM DC&QM meeting 2021

Progress of PTB's 4TP Josephson impedance bridge, Stephan Bauer @ EURAMET TC-EM DC&QM meeting 2021

Overview of the GIQS project presented at the CPEM 2020

A coaxial probe for quantum Hall effect measurements in the AC regime

AC Quantum Hall Resistance combined with a 4-terminal-pair Pulse-Driven Josephson Impedance Bridge

Graphene quantum Hall effect devices for AC and DC resistance metrology

Part 1 - Optimization of epitaxial graphene growth for quantum metrology

Part 2 - Enhanced electronic device performance - isotropic transport

Part 3 - SiC surface-dependent polarization doping