Overview SEQUOIA

This project will develop new metrological tools to enable the characterisation of the quantum state of electrons in semiconductor quantum devices and quantum enhanced sensing based on the technique of single-electron quantum optics. This approach uses the control, transfer, manipulation and measurement of on‑demand single-electron wave packets. This project will develop a solid-state on-demand single-electron interferometer for the time-resolved direct on chip measurement of local electric and magnetic fields as used to manipulate quantum states in electronic quantum devices. Furthermore, it will develop tools for the characterization of the electrons quantum state.


The specific objectives are:

  1. To produce semiconductor device components for on-demand single-electron quantum optics based sensing and state tomography, including quantum dot based high-energy on-demand synchronised single-electron sources for time-resolved interferometry, single-charge detectors for electron quantum optics, and correlation measurement techniques and devices for quantum state metrology.
  2. To develop the metrological tools for the verification of single-electron sources required for the assessment and optimisation of the emitted electron wave packet states, including the characterisation of the dynamic electron state within the source quantum dot and the indistinguishability test of the travelling single-electron wave packet. 
  3. To develop an experimental technique for on-demand single-electron wave packet interferometry for the sensing of local magnetic and electric fields with high time resolution (~ 1 ns or below) and high spatial resolution (~ 1 µm).
  4. To develop concepts and theoretical tools for a full quantum state tomography to enable the realisation of quantum enhanced measurements using electron wave packets. 
  5. To foster the application of single-electron wave packet devices for quantum metrology and the European metrology capabilities for quantum technology.