The CEA-LIST institute is one of the three laboratories operated by the Technological Research Direction in CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission). Its vocation is to help companies to increase their competitiveness by technological innovation and to transfer its technical knowhow to industry. Its activities are focused on advanced software, embedded systems, integrated technology, sensor and signal processing.

In the non-destructive testing field, a department of 100 people (DISC) is dedicated to Research and Development. The research work involves characterizing defects to evaluate the structural integrity and the lifetime of components, instrumentation developments, modelling, etc. CEA-LIST/DISC develops the CIVA software (, dedicated to ultrasonic, eddy current and more recently to radiography and tomography techniques.

CEA-LIST conducts many collaborative R&D works in the NDT field in a wide range of industrial segments. The development of new non-destructive methods and equipment is a main task and special research competences exist in X-ray radiography and tomography. Several X-ray sources (from micro focus up to high energy industrial X-ray tubes) and detectors (1D, 2D) and four X-ray rooms of different sizes are available. CEA-LIST recently developed a fully equipped robotized tomographic platform, which consists of two robotic arms carrying an X-ray microfocus source and a 2D detector. This robotic configuration allows a large variety of acquisitions on non-standard trajectories by opposition to circular or helical trajectories classically used. In the field of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT), CEA LIST has a strong expertise on advanced reconstruction algorithms and inspection strategies to deal with a large variety of industrial applications including limited accessibility and fast CT.

CEA-LIST is mainly involved in WP3 – Fast CT.