AdvanCT Project at CONTROL 2021 International Trade Fair

May 4-6, 2021

Industrial computed tomography (CT) is increasingly finding its way into coordinate metrology. Previously established primarily in medicine and non-destructive testing, this technique can be used to measure both the external and internal geometric features of a component, such as cavities, without contact and without destroying the object under investigation. This offers great opportunities for the development and quality control of products, but measurements still take a long time and are often too inaccurate. Together with European research partners in the 17IND05 AdvanCT project, methods which significantly improve computed tomographic measurements in industry have been developed, above all making them faster and more accurate. At the Control 2021 virtual trade fair, project results, including 3D animation, will be presented.

5th Annual Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography Conference

May 17-19, 2021

The 5th annual Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography Conference is returning to the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, to be held May 17-19, 2021. We are proud to announce that this year’s event will be supported by the AdvanCT project. Participation is free and detailed information can be found here.

Training will be held on May 17:

  • Introduction of TIGRE image reconstruction toolbox for dimensional XCT application
  • Virtual CT with aRTist

Main themes of the conference on May 18 and 19 include:

  • New developments in XCT (technology improvement, correction of errors, etc.)
  •  XCT for dimensional metrology (traceability and verification)
  • Dimensional XCT for industry applications (automotive, aerospace, additive manufacturing, etc.)
  • Dimensional XCT for medical/bio applications
  • Standardisation

Workshop:  Advanced X-ray computed tomography for dimensional metrology - reconstruction algorithms

December 2, 2020, 9:00-11:30

The workshop was held in connection with the DXCT Conference. The workshop agenda can been found here.

  • Fundamentals of iterative reconstruction and parallel processing in computed tomography
  • The interplay between iterative reconstruction and fast X-ray computed tomography acquisition and their effect on dimensional measurement uncertainty
  • Deep learning image reconstruction for underdetermined inverse solution in industrial XCT with limited data
  • Efficient perturbation methods for Uncertainty Quantification in XCT reconstruction
  • Evaluation of XCT reconstruction algorithms for dimensional metrology
  • State-of-the-art X-ray computed tomography for dimensional metrology

Workshop:  Uncertainty in dimensional X-ray computed tomography

June 8, 2020, 9:00-12:30

The workshop was held at the euspen Virtual International Conference 2020.  The detailed program can be found here.

  • CT Metrology verification:  The drive to ISO 10360-11
  • Determination of measurement uncertainty in the EMPIR Project "AdvanCT"
  • Uncertainty for XCT dimensional measurements using GUM approach
  • Uncertainty in dimensional X-ray computed tomography using the substitution method
  • Road to uncertainty - how virtual CT models could evaluate task specific measurement uncertainties
  • Uncertainty in X-rax computed tomograhy using metrological characteristics
  • Towards primary dimensional X-ray computed tomography
  • Review of reference samples for tomographic measurements

Project Progress Meetings

Kick-Off MeetingJune 20-21, 2018PTB, Germany
9M Project MeetingMarch 19-20, 2019VTT, Finland
18M Project MeetingDecember 2-3, 2019BAM, Germany
27M Project MeetingSeptember 9-10, 2020Online Meeting
35M Project MeetingMay 4-5, 2021Online Meeting
Final Project MeetingNovember 18-19, 2021NPL, United Kingdom


Project Duration

June 01, 2018 - November 30, 2021