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MATerials Research at GSI/FAIR

Kolloquium der Abteilung 6

The facility for antiproton and ion research (FAIR) will provide a unique accelerator complex with heavy ion beams of highest energies and highest intensities. Besides the existing target stations dedicated to materials research at the UNILAC (M-­branch, X0 and microprobe) and at the existing synchrotron SIS18 (Cave A) additional target stations will be available in the APPA Cave and at the new storage ring CRYRING. Finally, GSI/FAIR will provide a unique user facility for materials research with swift heavy ions covering all ion species (proton up to Uranium) and an energy regime from several MeV/u up to 10 GeV/u.

The presentation gives a glimpse on the broad activities in the field of materials science at GSI/FAIR such as ion-­track nanotechnology, radiation hardness studies for functional accelerator materials, and high pressure irradiation experiments to simulate geological relevant inner earth processes. Particular focus will be brought to the M-­branch user facility dedicated to in-­situ and on-­line analytical techniques.