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10th Workshop - Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations

To be able to produce and measure ever-improving topquality products, technology providers and users of highprecision measurement technology are willing to face new challenges constantly. This is especially true in the field of asphere metrology. The asphere applications are widespread. However, it is difficult to produce and measure them precisely. This is revealed by today's practice, where sometimes large measurement uncertainties emerge.

In 2010 the CC UPOB e.V., i.e. the Competence Centre for Ultra-Precise Surface Figuring begun to bring together experts from industrial and research fields, as well as developers and users. During our upcoming meeting the international actors will present their measurement devices, methods and last but not least, their results of the four newly produced samples which have been compared among the community. Discussions on the specific presentations, contributions on measurement of free-form surfaces, comparability of measurements as well as discussions on future steps in general will complete the workshop.

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