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Open Online Workshop on Measurement Challenges - Laboratory Medicine

Medical decisions indeed depend on accurate, informative, comparable, and timely measurement results. Obtaining comparable results across varying diagnostic tests and locations is only possible through establishment of a common measurement base. As a result, global metrology institutions focus on improving this very aspect of measurement comparability by developing new and innovative reference materials and reference measurement procedures for the medical field. By establishing comparability, metrology supports legal requirements as defined in the regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices EU 2017/746 (IVDR) and it can also help to translate emerging techniques into clinical and/or commercial use. Covering the broad range of diagnostic tests, therapeutics and novel techniques (e.g. metabonomics) requires joint work between stakeholders and the measurement science community.

The workshop is thus focussed on (bio)chemical measurement challenges related to diagnostic measurements, therapeutics, and emerging techniques:

  • What are the needs for new reference measurement procedures and reference materials?
  • Which services and studies (e.g. on commutability) are needed to meet legal and other requirements?
  • How can metrology help to translate emerging techniques into clinical and/or commercial use?

In the first part of the workshop, stakeholders will present their work with a view to related measurement challenges. In the second part, metrology institutes will present their ideas and potential contributions. Pandemics and SARS-CoV-2 are the topic of a separate workshop.

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