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PTB Open Access Repository transferred to database


At the end of 2012, PTB's library started to set up the PTB Open Access Repository for selected PTB publications. All of the publications included there are provided with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a so-called persistent identifier.

The metadata describing these publications and to which the DOI link redirects, was stored as statistical HTML pages (so-called landing pages) on the server of the PTB Open Access Repository. Due to the rising number of DOIs registered for PTB, the time had come to change to dynamically produced landing pages. Clicking on the DOI links (prefix: 10.7795) which point to PTB, produces the associated landing pages from the newly introduced Opens external link in new windowPTB Open Access Repository (PTB-OAR) database.

All the articles and documents stored are available on the start page of the PTB-OAR and it is also possible to view only certain document categories.

The PTB-OAR does not yet offer its own search interface. Browsing through all the DOIs allocated by PTB is possible using two external search tools:

Opens external link in new windowAll PTB DOI names, search at datacite

Opens external link in new windowAll PTB DOI names, search at the BASE service of the University of Bielefeld

Information on the background to how DOIs are assigned for PTB publications can be found in the press release dated 20.10.2014.