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German surveyor association DVW adopts good practice guides developed by the EMRP SIB60 project for its "DVW Merkblatt" seriesr “DVW Merkblatt” Reihe


In its recent pre-standard "Merkblatt 09-2017 Metrology for long distance surveying with GNSS and EDM / Metrologie für die Entfernungsmessung mit GNSS und EDM" the German association of professional surveyors DVW e.V. (Deutscher Verein für Vermessungswesen - Gesellschaft für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement e.V.) has adopted two good practice guides developed by the EMRP joint research project "SIB60 Surveying: Metrology for long distance surveying" between 2013 and 2016. The "Good practice guide for high accuracy global navigation satellite system based distance metrology" provides suitable measurement approaches and techniques for high accuracy measurements of distances when signals of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS), like GPS or Galileo, are used for this purpose. The second "Good practice guide for the calibration of electro-optic distance meters on baselines" provides recommendations for a SI-traceable calibration of electro-optic distance meters on geodetic baselines.

Fig. 1. GNSS antennas for the determination of the distances between reference pillars of the geodetic baseline at the University of the German Armed Forces in Neubiberg, Germany. The good practice guides comprised in the DVW Merkblatt were derived, inter alia, from these kind of measurement campaigns on reference baselines in the SIB60 project.

Both documents are based on experience and conclusions gathered in the SIB60 project as well as on current scientific literature in this field. The "Merkblatt" series edited by DVW serves as a rapid publication platform documenting established good practice in a specific area of interest in surveying. They help defining quality standards in the field and intend to make latest research results available to practical surveyors in the field within short time. It is published open access on the web page of the DVW (www.dvw.de/merkblatt).

Publication of the two good practice guides in this series ensures wide recognition of major, practically highly relevant project results in the field.