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Working Group 8.52

Security and Standardisation in Smart Grid


In order to provide effective operations for smart grids, a large amount of transmissions such as measurement data and, as well as control information are required. In doing so, the secure data transmission, i.e. confidentiality, integrity, authenticity as well as non-repudiation of the data must be guaranteed. At the same time, the security procedures should be as seamless as possible integrated into existing systems and processes. With in the scope of the “European Metrology Research Programme” (EMRP) in a research project “ENG63 GridSens sensor network metrology for the determination of electrical grid characteristics” these issues are addressed in a specific work package “Security and standardization”.

In addition to the system security the work package is also devoted to address the matter of changing dynamic behaviour of the over all system be given by additional security components. The focal points of the work package include:

  • Reviewing existing security solutions
  • Development of a generic data model
  • Investigation of dynamic behaviours of the security solutions
  • To prepare concrete proposals for the area of state estimation in smart grid

The research project is conducted in close collaboration with the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering and Energy Systems of the Technical University of Clausthal. This affords an opportunity to develop and assemble a secure distributed measurement system in an existing low voltage microgrid,  as well as to test this system in different topologies of the microgrid.

In particular a universal sensor was developed. The sensor, which is based on commercially available sensors for measuring electrical parameters in low voltage network, is extended with functions for cryptographic protection of data. In addition, different interfaces are available for communication in different networks.

With this sensor the impacts caused by different data transfer protocols, security architectures and data models in the smart grid on the reaction and response time can be examined.


Figure 1: Structure of the Measuring Sensor


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