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First success in the INS project "Pulsed Radiation in Radiation Protection"


The project funded by the DKE has a duration of 2 years. The aim of this project is not only to draw up a standardization concept, but rather to enable national and international industry to develop - in a target-oriented way - new electronic area dosemeters and personal dosemeters which are suited and urgently required for pulsed radiation. It was, therefore, particularly important to involve the manufacturers right from the start and to ensure in this way that the test specifications to be established can later be complied with by serial production devices. At the same time it must ensured that the measurement reliability can be reliably tested.

Parallel to the development of the standardization concept, the concept should be checked experimentally. For this purpose, measurements are to be carried out at the novel pulsed X-ray facility which has been developed at PTB, namely on already existing dosemeters and on devices which have been manufactured specifically for measurements in pulsed fields or which have been modified for this purpose.

The pulsed X-ray facility set up at PTB is the first facility of its kind worldwide on which the physical parameters of the radiation pulse can be adjusted in a defined way. The characterization of the facility was completed in 2010, and it is now ready for use. The first measurements have already been carried out, not only in view of the standardization concept.

The first workshop related to the INS project took place at PTB on September 6 and 7, 2010, with a total of 20 selected participants. The selection of the participants was necessary to ensure that the work was effective despite the broad technical spectrum. The general interest in this subject was much greater. At a later date, an informative PTB seminar will be offered during which the considerably larger circle of interested persons can be reached. At the time of that seminar, the test concept, which will by then have been drawn up in the INS project, will be up for technical discussion.

In October 2010, the points discussed in the INS workshop "Dosimetry in Pulsed Radiation Fields" were finally presented at the meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in Seattle, where the decision was taken that Germany will elaborate and submit a proposal for the drawing-up of a new international IEC standard - a "New Work Item Proposal". At the national level, PTB will make essential contributions to it. In this way, the first step towards a worldwide uniform (type)testing of radiation protection dosemeters in pulsed radiation fields has been made.