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Detector Development

Working Group 6.15


Working Group 6.15 focuses on the development and characterization of detectors for ionizing radiation and of measuring systems for the multiple tasks of our division.

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Detectors and the corresponding readout electronics are the eyes of the radiation researchers, and they are an indispensable key component in the metrology of ionizing radiation. A large number of commercial detector systems are operated in our division, but for special tasks, approaches are needed that are completely new or that require the adaption of commercial equipment. Among other things, this applies to detectors for neutron spectrometry, to position-sensitive detectors for low-energy ions and electrons as well as to complete systems for the time-correlated (coincident) detection of simultaneously emitted particles from electron- or ion-induced reactions with atoms or molecules.  Our working group is currently also participating in the development of new procedures for the remote detection of alpha-radiation-emitting isotopes in the environment via scintillation in air. Previously, fundamental research work on fast-neutron imaging techniques (radiography and tomography) was carried out. The application of these procedures is currently experiencing a renaissance outside of PTB.

On request, we adapt and improve radiation sensors, as well as their readout electronics, and data acquisition systems for existing PTB-made and commercial radiation measurement devices. This support is offered to all departments and divisions of PTB, as well to companies and institutes outside of PTB which are interested in this work.

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