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Metrology for real-world domestic water metering


Changes in the consumption behaviour of consumers over the years as well as progress in the state-of-the-art of domestic water metering are two of the reasons why a characterization of water meters close to real-world conditions is required today.

The measurement trueness under these changed conditions is not verified yet. Currently, this cannot be done in an appropriate way as the metrological infrastructure necessary for this is missing.

At the end of the project this will be changed: New capabilities will be available which allow to assess and calibrate domestic water meters under dynamic flow conditions. A metrological framework will be established to address water meter performance for different water qualities and for the withdrawal of low amounts of water. Furthermore, the project will provide input to a number of national and international committees dealing with water metering.

The project is jointly carried out by the metrological institutes BEV/PTP (A), CMI (CZ), CETIAT (F), DTI (DK), NEL (UK), RISE (S), TUBITAK (TK), VTT (FI) and the research institutions FORCE (DK), University Salerno (I) and the Technologiezentrum Wasser of DVGW (D). The European association of water meter manufacturers AQUA is a project collaborator.


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